defending the kid

Circa 1993, High School Cafeteria

There was a boy (I will call him “The Kid”) in our class that had disease that left him frail and bound to an electric wheelchair that had to be controlled by mouth. The Kid was a super nice guy, and I always enjoyed having a conversation with him. He was a super geek into Star Wars, music, video games, baseball cards…

I would always think to myself what it must feel like to know you are going die, especially at our age. I admired The Kid for his courage and strength that tried his best to live a normal teenage life despite him knowing the inevitable.

One day during lunch period some of the what were deemed as the “cool guys”, translation the guys that are huge fucking assholes that think their shit doesn’t stink; were being all buddy buddy with The Kid. Meaning they were acting friendly and mocking him right in front of his face. Being naive he had no idea what was going on.

I became infuriated and approached the group of assholes surrounding The Kid. There was an exchange of words between myself and one of the assholes. All I can remember was picking up my lunch tray leaving whatever was on top of it flying in several different directions and whaling the living shit out of him with my lunch tray.

The lunch aide blew her whistle and brought things to a halt. Of course I was named the bad guy in this situation for defending the person that is wheelchair bound with a disease that is rapidly wasting his life away. I became irate and defensive stating that it is offensive and unjust that it is acceptable for these assholes to pick on The Kid, because they are apart of the so-called popular click. I was popular being friends with everyone from the jocks to the band geeks to the socially awkward mole people.

In not so many words I told the lunch aide to go fuck herself, and I was not going to be the only one being sent to the principal’s office.

Of course my parents were called, and my dad defended me stating that I was protecting a defenseless person. Be it as it may I was sentenced to spend the next several days of my lunch period in the rubber room (internal suspension), along with the one asshole.

There were several people that commended me and deemed me The Kid’s hero and bodyguard from that day forward. No one dare fucked with him after that.




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