feeding your baby is normal ……


this does not look like your “typical” mother breastfeeding

she has a facial expression like she is receiving unbridled pleasure

i am disgusted and appalled by this billboard

i do not wish to stare at your floppy pancake titty as you breastfeed your child, let alone see it big as day on a billboard

feed your child in private, or at the very least cover that mess up

some of us that do not wish to experience the so-called miracle of child birth and the privilege of motherhood should not have to be victimized by this

no this is not a rant against children, no this is not a race thing, it is strictly my opinion that breast feeding should be discreet and should not be some pathetic cheap attempt to mock women’s rights

would it be acceptable for a couple that has a breast feeding fetish to whip it out in public and let their partner suck away? it is technically breast feeding is it not? it is just viewed in a different nature

today’s society is pathetic in what is deemed and not deemed acceptable


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