It has been a little over three years and I still cry over you. You were my best friend, my rock when I needed comforting. You got me through so many bad times since you were a kitten; the only thing keeping my sanity through the worst times in my life. We had an unconditional love that cannot be explained. You knew when I was happy, when I was sad. You laid many of nights with me as I drenched your fur with my tears asking when will all this come to an end, and how did I get here in the first place.
When I was told that you were sick I did not know what to do, I felt empty inside. All I knew is that I would do anything to help you and give you a good life. The ways in which I would have to do that were cruel and undeserving for you. It would have been selfish for me to have you go on just for the sake of my happiness and sanity.
I will always remember our last day together. We were laying in bed, I was on my side and you were nuzzled up in my chest with your head facing the bedroom window. The room was dark and mellow. I played a loop of birds chirping for you and knew that would make your last moments somewhat comfortable.
Taking you there to say our final goodbyes was a feeling that I cannot describe to this day. I held you as everything was explained to us. I was reassured that you would not be in pain and would go to sleep peacefully.
Hours after that I sat with you wrapped in a blanket as I cried over you thanking you for everything you have done for me.
I will always love you Patty and cherish your memory until the end of time.

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