Free Comic Book Day, Saturday, May 6, 2017

Today marked one of the upmost important adventures of our relationship; Free Comic Book Day! The ultimate nerdgasm for all of us dorks in the world, and we got to share this together. So we drove over to the Lindenwold Station to hop on PATCO into the City of Brotherly Love to comic shop hop on one of the most popular geek days of the year!

We managed to hit up four shops in Philly and then two in South Jersey. This adventure will account each store and our experiences at each of them. Enjoy!

Stop #1 Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse: Located at 2578 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the Kensington Section of Philadelphia.

Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse is an amazing gem in this up and coming section of the city.  They specialize in comics, toys & figurines, games, comic related magazines, apparel, coffee & espresso related beverages, and baked goods.

Amalgam is one of the only places Mike and I ventured to that actually did Free Comic Book Day to cater to the fandom. They had all of the free comics being offered with minimal limitations on what you are able to take. Also in the back of the store they had a few vendor tables of locals selling their crafts and art, all geek related of course!

I even had an amazing dialogue with one of the staffers about The Vampire Diaries, The Originals AND Riverdale.

After perusing around Amalgam, Mike sent for our Uber to get us to the next stop. Our driver was the coolest dude ever. His name was Shaun Paul. He pulled up in his Kia Soul with the speakers pumping out funk and jazz. He was an interesting character with an upbeat and friendly personality. Usually our asses cringe when we have a chatty driver, but this guy was awesome; wearing a worn leather jacket and a Jeff cap over his shoulder length shaggy hair.

Shaun Paul dropped us off at the next stop, and we were on our merry way.

Stop #2 Ontario Street Comics: Located at 2235 East Ontario Street in the Port Richmond Section of Philadelphia.

Ontario was always one of my favorite places to go when I resided in Northeast Philadelphia. This shop has an old school flea market type appeal about it, and has more than comic books. If you are looking for any type of old toy or WWF, yes WWF action figure than Ontario is the place to go. The staff is always friendly and chatty as well. They are not your typical geek douchers that act like they know it all.

For Free Comic Book Day they had Batman and Harley Quinn there mingling with the customers. They also offered all of the free comics with a reasonable limitation of 6 per customer, not too shabby. While there I also nabbed The Walking Dead trade paperbacks I needed.

As we were walking out Mike noticed a little nook of the store that had DVDs; you know he and I weren’t leaving there until he was sure there was nothing there that he needed.

After his fix he summoned our Uber so we can head to Old City to check out Brave New Worlds Comic Shop.

Fun Fact: Scenes from the movie Unbreakable by director M. Night Shyamalan were filmed here!

Stop #3 Brave New Worlds: Located at 55 N 2nd Street, in the Old City Section of Philadelphia

I was never really a fan of this particular comic shop, as I always found 90% of the staff to be condescending douche canoes! I guess they feel because of their location it gives them a right to be assholes to customers. While it’s a cool place to kill time, I would rather throw my money down a sewer drain than give them profits. The only thing that excited me was that they had The Walking Dead Free Comic, but even that came with a price. They were kind enough to stamp the front of every free comic to read, “Courtesy of Brave New…..” In the words of Deadpool, “What the shit?!?” Oh, and they had a 3 free comic limit per customer. Mike and I got there after three in the afternoon, and they still had piles and piles readily available, so you can’t have more than three….why? They had some ugly female chud standing there guarding the free comics like it was the fucking Arc of the Covenant! Please no one wants the shitty free comics that were defiled with your store information on the front of it. I had no choice but to get my copy of TWD from there as no other shop had it!

Stop #4 South Philly Comics: Located at 1840 E Passyunk Avenue, in South Philadelphia

I was excited to stop here, as I have not visited this store in quite some time. It is a hole-in-the-wall shop located in the East Passyunk Section of South Philly. It is co-owned by two guys that have an amazing knowledge of comics (and they are cool, not douche canoes like the guys and gals at Brave New Worlds).

After South Philly Comics we wandered around for a bit, and headed back to the PATCO station to go back over the bridge into Jersey. There were going to try and hit at least three more shops before the night ended.

Stop #5 Adventure Land Store: Located at 2120 Voorhees Town Center, Voorhees Township, NJ

This shop is located in the old Echelon Mall, and was formerly called Hall of Heroes.  It was a total bust, as they were out of all the free comics. It is a cool shop to poke around in, as they have all types of collectibles and geek-related threads and accessories.

The one great thing about stopping here is The Great American Cookie Company. Mike is a whore for their sugar cookies. So what’s a girl to do for the greatest boyfriend ever? Buy him a ton of sugar cookies.

On to the last and final stop, as we were now approaching 8:15pm, and shops typically close around 9:00pm.

Stop #6 A Time Lost … And Found: Located at 325 E. Atlantic Avenue, in Audubon, NJ

I’ve never been to this shop, and I will never go back again. Not only did this shop not participate in Free Comic Book Day, but the guy that runs the place is an ass. He talks down to you like he is the God of all comic shops. Bitch please, take you old dirty sock smelling, not impressive at all, cash only shop and shove it up your candy ass!

I can’t imagine that this guy gets a lot of foot traffic from people. How in the hell can you sell collectible items that are $100+ and take cash only? How can you expect to be an old ass condescending doucher that probably hasn’t seen a vagina other than smut magazines and internet porn to have any loyal customers with his attitude? Oh wait his one and only friend helps run the shop with him. It’s an adorable cock-a-poo, or whatever the hell weird breed mix it was, needless to say the dog had way more personality and was much friendlier than the owner.

Mike did find a cool comic about the Japanese Suicide Forrest and I snagged a copy of TWD 150 original cover, but I digress.


We ended the night with stopping at Star View Diner on the White Horse Pike in Somerdale, NJ, for a bite to eat. Our server was about as intelligent as a used condom. I asked for equal. She had no clue what I was talking about. I said the stuff in the blue packets, and at that moment the hamster started running on his wheel again. The food was ok

All in all it was a pretty amazing day wandering around with Mike on Free Comic Book Day!



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