The Adventures of Mike & Stephanie: The Iron Skillet Experience, Sat. 3/4/17

Mike and I stumbled upon a little adventure after leaving his sister’s in Sweedsboro, NJ on Saturday. When we got into the car Mike suggested stopping at King’s Things Thrift Store that he found doing a Google search.

We arrived at King’s Things to find that it was this small hole in the wall spot with nothing but clothing, housewares and a curling iron that still had hair on it. Mike of course put his face of disappointment on when he saw there were no DVDs to go through. Of course he had to ask the woman behind the counter if they had any DVDs as if there was a secret passage to the mother load. We were surprised when she said there was an extension of the store four doors down. Mike and I were like two kids trying to run out the front door at the same time to go play outside.

Off we went four doors down to explore the rest of King’s Things Thrift Store. We entered and JACKPOT! In the back of the store there were VHS tapes coming literally out the wazoo.  Shelves upon shelves of these slices of fried gold. Of course I found over 10+ videos for our Found Footage Friends Nick and Joe! I was so excited to finally make a contribution to Found Footage Volume 9! We bought so may tapes that the owner stopped counting at thirty and gave us the rest for nothing. I was in total satisfaction carrying a gift bag full of VHS tapes to the car!

Our next stop was to Heritage’s Convenience Store to grab some drinks. We both feasted our eyes on an amazing Crystal Pepsi Display, a full display at that. I discovered that it had one of those removable cardboard toppers, and exclaimed to Mike that we must have this. I kindly asked the cashier if we could have it, and she said no! I though to myself what the hell; they only throw them away anyway. I am not going to lie I was just going to snatch it and walk out of the store with it, but Mike stopped me.

Back on the road we went. After a few miles Mike spotted a sign that said Hip Hop Shop; of course we had to pull into their parking lot. The building was awesome, with the side of it painted literally like a boom box. The place was closed of course, but we were able to take some sweet pics.

As we got back in the car we were both saying that we were hungry. We were on Interstate 295 at that point, so I suggested that we go to Iron Skillet which was only a 20 minute drive from where we were. Mike discovered Iron Skillet when he took his drive across the country back in September. Iron Skillet is a 24-hour restaurant located inside a Petro Truck Stop in Bordentown, NJ. As their website states, “You’ll see why professional drivers vote Iron Skillet their favorite restaurant year after year!”Mike described the County Fried Steak like it was a meal you would be served at a lavish five-star restaurant. I don’t think that Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House, Buddakan or Barclay Prime served their meals on an iron plate with handles.

Mike and both ordered the Country Fried Steak, and it was delicious! I couldn’t finish half of mine so I offered it to Mike and he tore it up. Mike did something funny during dinner though. He pushed an empty small skillet to my side of the table and I started at him like what the hell are you doing dude. He wanted me to put it in my purse so we could take it home. If it weren’t for the cameras I spotted that sucker would be my new cereal bowl. Bummer; I know!

As we went to the counter to pay Mike had to ask for bottles of the seasoning to purchase as well as a bottle of Iron Skillet Steak Sauce. I love his obsession with seasonings! It makes me so giddy when he whoops out his little seasoning bag with Mrs. Dash, Old Bay, Iron Skillet Seasoning, South Philly Rub, and whatever else he has in there. He sprinkles the seasonings on his food and gets excited like when a small child asks for sprinkles on their ice cream!

Thrift Store, Crystal Pepsi, a building painted to look like a boom box and Iron Skillet; I’d say it was a good day.

And that concludes another adventure!


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