A Band Named Barley Juice

I attended an event recently at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, PA, and had to be subjected to the sound of screeching sirens that is the band Barley Juice. The combined sounds of nails on a chalk board, a baby crying, microphone feedback, vomiting, and explosive diarrhea is more tolerable than the horrific instrumentals and vocals spewing from the stage.
My Thought:
I hope there wasn’t a meet up group for people trying to cope with suicidal tendencies, as their music would definitely drive someone slit their wrists to escape the painful sound of Barley Juice.
Thought Contributed from a Friend:
“What their herb-poisoned minds consider music is in fact a felonious assault on the auditory senses. Your sense of hearing is the world Trade Center and their music is Flight 11.”

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