The Adventures of Mike & Stephanie: Friday, 2/24/17

This was a special day for Mike and I as this was my first time seeing Found Footage live! Where else better than to see this for the fist time than The Big Apple.
When Mike and I first started dating Found Footage was one of the first things he shared with me. He knew that I would be hooked! And I was!
What is The Found Footage Festival?
“The Found Footage Festival is a one-of-a-kind event that showcases footage from videos that were found at garage sales and thrift stores and in warehouses and dumpsters across the country.” from
We couldn’t ask for a more perfect day, sunny skies, spring like weather, and the perfect company of each other.
We got amazing seats on PATCO and sat in the very front of the train. We were like two kids that took the train for the very first time; giggling and snapping pictures of every cool thing we saw.
Once we arrived in Philly we started our trek to the Greyhound Station, but our first order of business was to hit up the 7-Eleven for our travel staples. This included iced tea, Fiji Water, Peanut M&M’s, Slim Jim’s and newly added, a bag of 7-Eleven Brand Honey Roasted Cashews. No need for Monster Energy, as I was already prepared with a can in my back pack.
We were on a Peter Pan Bus for this trip. Which excited me because in my mind I am imagining the bus flying through the air like Captain Hooks ship.
Mike had his usual ants in his pants when we first took our seats and feverishly started digging through his back pack for his power strip and phone chargers. If his cell phone falls below 80% that is just cause for panic!
He finally settled down, we munched on our snacks and enjoyed the ride.
I started to get goosebumps as I started to see the skyline of the city that never sleeps, as I knew this amazing day was about to go into full swing!
We hopped off the bus and organized our selves and of course I had to pee. I wanted to die as I saw the long line of vile women waiting to use the bathroom. I waited in line with dread wondering who I would have to go in the tall after.
Our first official order of business was to go to Forbidden Planet Comics in search of the “Flash Gordon” pop vinyl which was the last one my brother and I needed to complete our collections. As we entered the store I started to paruze all of the pop vinyls on display. Low and behold I found the last two, that’s right the last two Flash Gordon pop vinyls in the store.
Mike found an awesome gem too. He snatched him self up a Brodie in action figure from the movie Mallrats.
We also discovered a huge shelf of DVDs that we did not notice in our last visit. Among them he noticed two copies of Found Footage which excited Mike as he had never seen them sold in a store before.
Back to the pavement we went to venture into SoHo to Bluestockings Book Store.
As we were walking there we saw many fun things. Among my favorite was seeing the intersection of 1st and 1st. If anyone is a die hard Seinfeld fan they would know the significance behind the importance of this landmark.
The Bluestocking is now in among the Top 5 places Mike has showed me. What an amazing little independent book store. It’s like Bohemian meets punk rock kind of atmosphere.  I bought a handful of interesting books.
List books here
We sat and relaxed a bit as we were waiting to hear back from our friend Charles Dunbar who we would be meeting for dinnner and seeing Found Footage with.
We met Charles in Chinatown, and he suggested that we eat at this restaurant called XO. XO provides an extensive selection of Chinese food, in a quaint and eye catching atmosphere.
The food was amazing. I had eggplant with garlic sauce and pan fried dumplings nthat came highly recommended by Charles.
Being in Charles company is quite enjoyable and entertaining, as he is as wonderful as Mike described. I have met him twice before at anime conventions, but this was the first time I had the opportunity to get to know him in a “hanging out” type of setting.  He is an amazing person with dazzling qualities. He is an anthropologist in Japanese culture and has splendis stories about the time he spent in Japan. He paints vivid pictures with his words making you feel like you are actually there.
Out of XO we went to the subway station to head to Brooklyn to The Bell House to see Found Footage.
As each minute crept closer to the start of the show it was hard for me to contain my excitement. We sat patiently as the room filled so much that people had to stand, as this was not a typical show; this was the actual taping for the Volune 8 DVD.
Steve Young was the special guest and kicked off the show. He was a writer for The Letterman Show as well as The Simpsons. He shared his love for industrial musicals.
“An industrial musical is a musical performed internally for the employees or shareholders of a business, to create a feeling of being part of a team, to entertain, and/or to educate and motivate the management and salespeople to improve sales and profit. It can be used to increase staff awareness of public relationsadvertisingmarketing or corporate image.”
– Quoted from Wikipedia
He shared copies of a Kellogg’s Sales Meeting from 1973, as well as a video to hype salesmen up to sell for Dodge Motors.
It was quite entertaining!
Finally it was time for Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett to take the stage and own the night!
I will not give any spoilers, as you have to see Volume 8 for yourself. The only spoiler I will give you is that Mike’s name was mentioned in the credits as well as his friend Ashley for their wonderful contributions (VHS/DVDs).
I laughed so hard that my stomach was killing me by the end of the show.
Following the show we went and waited in the foyer area of the theater for Nick & Joe, as Mike was eager to finally introduce me to them, and to hand them a few gems (VHS/DVDs) he found in some Thrift Stores.
Check out their website, you will not be disappointed.
And that concludes another amazing adventure with an amazing guy!

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