The Great Chicken Cutlet Sammie Debacle of Saturday, 2/18/17

Mike and I had dinner at Sabrina’s Cafe on 18th and Callowhill Streets in the Fairmount Section of Philadelphia this evening. We decided on this restaurant as Mike exclaimed how delectable their chicken cutlets were. What an adorable place it was. It had a very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere with dim lighting and quaint cafe style seating.

Of course Mike ordered Mel’s Chicken Cutlet Sandwich MINUS the roll with sesame seeds, marinated long hots and spinach. Instead he asked for wheat toast, chicken cutlet with cheese only and NO coleslaw on the plate.

As we are sitting having some nice conversation our waitress brings the food to our table. To Mike’s surprise his sandwich was made correctly with one exception, part of the sandwich was laying on top of a side of coleslaw! I noticed that “look” in Mike’s eyes; then a meltdown commenced. The frantic smelling of the bread because it was tainted by coleslaw. Then the cutting of the tainted pieces of bread started. The last straw was hearing the love of my life calling himself a freak because he little quirk.

I explained to him that he was not a freak, and he needs to stop whining and solve the issue at hand. I assured him that his quirk was normal and completely acceptable. If society can accept people that will not eat meat then dammit society can accept someone that does not eat vegetables. I told him that he has two choices; 1. to accept that they fucked up his order after he politely requested what he wanted, or 2. tell the waitress to have a new sandwich made for him, because he is allergic to cabbage. Mike took my advice and asked the waitress for a new sammie. The waitress politely obliged and had a new sandwich made for him.

She brought the freshly made sammie to the table, and all was right in the world. To see him enjoy every little bite of his expectation of the perfect chicken cutlet samdwich meant everything to me. He was happy and content with his meal.


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