You had me at “I’m Snipped”

Those were not the exact words that Mike used when we first started talking, but knowing that he had a vasectomy was another check mark in the positive column for this guy.

When you first start talking to someone of the opposite sex, especially at my age you intently wait for the …. “Do you have kids?” “Do you want kids?” when I say no; it’s always a barrage of idiotic questions that follow. So to be fortunate enough to find someone with similar views on the matter was quite soothing.

No I did not choose not to have kids, because I hate them! That is everyone’s first assumption, which I am sorry, but that makes you kind of an asshole! I don’t judge those that want to have kids especially in the fucked up society we have today. Nor do I judge those (well I kind of do) that do not know how to keep their legs shut, and my hard work pays for them to feed, clothe and house their little accidents.

It’s a personal choice like it is sometime’s choice to have a kid. I don’t question your choices so please don’t question mine!







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