Geek Talk: L33tStr33t Boys

Obsessed is an understatement when it comes to this band. Mike had me put them on in the car on one of our drives and I was instantaneously hooked.

They are an otaku, nerd rock fantasy band that have a passion for anime, manga, video games and Japanese culture. The band’s name is a spoof on The Backstreet Boys. They used “3’s” to create the gamer slang work “l33t” meaning  “elite”. Learn more about l33t speak here.

The founding members include Matt Myers vocalist/songwriter , and Ryan “Frogs” McCormack guitarist/producer who formed the band in 2007. The band  itself is comprised of a prep school punk singer (Matt), a metrosexual elf guitarist (Justin), a lesbian healer bassist (Rose) and a fire breathing dragon drummer (D-Dos).

The band gained popularity with their hit song, “Yuri the Only One for Me”, which debuted at Anime Boston in 2008. The video was posted on YouTube, and after a 1/2 million views later it was discovered by Tommy Tallarico the Executive Producer of Video Games Live. It was then added into the rotation of many Video Games Live events globally, and eventually made it to the VGL Greatest Hits Volume 1.

I highly recommend checking out this Wapanese phenomenon, especially if you like the tunes of 90’s alternative bands such as Fountains of Wayne,  Sugar, Ween, to name a few.



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