The Adventures of Mike & Stephanie: Anime USA 10/21/16-10/23/16

This was one of the best weekends I have had in quite a long time, and was the very first anime con I attended thanks to my wonderful boyfriend and partner in crime!


Our day started by having to take my cat Duke (aka pu pu) to the vet. I had a complete meltdown that the poor little guy was having problems urinating in his litter box. Thank God the vet was able to get me in immediately. He wound up having an infection, and Mike and I had to hang around my place a majority of the day waiting for him to pee so we could drop off a sample to the vet. I was grateful that I had Mike with me and that Shelly and Jamie were understanding as to why we were held up for a bit. Mike was kind enough to drive Duke’s sample to the vet for me so I could finish packing and getting ready.
I was excited to finally meet the infamous Jamie as Shelly had told me so much about him. When we pulled up and saw their bags, we looked in the back of my car with all our bags and chuckled. Thank the Lord for us Tetris players back in the day or we would have never been able to squeeze all of our stuff into the car.
The drive was fun! Of course we had to stop at a rest stop to pee and for Mike to get his “ghetto gourmet” rest stop meal. It was from this place called Burger King; I don’t know if anyone has ever heard of it. I of course had to go glance over the chotchkies in the convenience store. There I was kind enough to buy Shelly and Jamie some condoms and breath mints. They had asked Mike and I earlier if we had some to spare. What a silly question to ask a couple where the male in the relationship has a vasectomy.
Back on the road we went ….
A few pee stops later and some traffic, we finally pulled up to the con hotel. Mike, Shelly and Jamie went in to get our con badges, as I had to double park because it was so busy. Mike had to come and get me to go inside to get my over 18 wrist band. I felt bad because I was annoyed that he got my twitter handle wrong on my con badge, but I digress. He meant well and was only trying to be helpful.
Off to our hotel we went. What a fun drive that was, NOT! DC is a pain in the ass to drive in to say the least.
We finally made it, and it was so worth it; the hotel was absolutely elegant. I got us all checked in, set up parking and off to our room we went.
Mike and I hurried along to get unpacked and organized, we wanted to head back to the con hotel for a panel.
Mike and I headed out to the con hotel to see a panel literally titled “Awesomely Bad Japanese Music Videos” hosted by Blitz the Comic Guy (@blitzcomicguy on Twitter). It was like a train wreck that you can’t take your eyes off of. I almost peed a little from laughing so hard. What cracked me up the most was a guy among the audience that obviously had no life and knew practically every video being shown. I’m not saying that it is a bad thing, just made the panel that much more entertaining. (You can read my blog about Blitz The Comic Guy here.).
After the panel we headed back to our hotel to get all gussied up to hit a few bars….
Camelot Show Bar (totally my idea)
Interesting to say the least. The dancers were sub-par and the drinks were way overpriced. I loved how some of the gals walked around “begging” for money to be shoved in their beaver covers. Our waitress was hotter than the girls up on the stage. She had a set of tits that screamed to be motor boated. Wet floor sign, please!
This was a cool bar with a lot of character, literally. We chilled in there for about a little over an hour; it was approaching almost 2am, and the last call in DC is 2:45am. What a great place to people watch, such characters that come out of the wood works at that hours.
Mike and I were famished after leaving 1813, and saw that there was a 24 hour McDonald’s near by. Needles to say they are !@#!#!@*!!!!#! liars! They are total cock teases with their glorious open 24 hour sign proudly and wrongfully placed on their door. Drunk Stephanie wanted chicken nuggets and was denied, by someone with barely a kindergarten education! So Mike decided to take me to the classiest place in town to get some food in my drunk belly; 7-11! There he showered me with a bag of cool ranch Doritos and quite frankly I was too drunk to remember what else.
We walked back to our hotel and chilled in the upper section of the lobby that had a really comfy couch and had a heart to heart regarding some things from earlier in the week. After some emotional overload we decided to go back up to our room and get some sleep.
We slept pretty good for being in a double bed together. Shelly was kind enough to inform Mike and I of how loud we snore. Ooops!
Since it was approaching lunch time we decided to go get a bite to eat before we prepped our cosplay. In a unanimous vote we decided to chow down at Potbelly’s. After lunch we headed back to the hotel to prep for cosplay!
Let the cosplay begin……
Mike as Captain N
For those of you that don’t know Captain N: The Game Master is an American–Canadian animated television series that aired on television from 1989 to 1991 as part of the Saturday morning cartoon lineup on NBC. (Captain N show intro.) 
Mike of course thought that it would be awesome to dress as him for the con.
Awesome costume thanks to his father and I. His dad was kind enough to iron the patch on his jacket, and I the wonderful girlfriend made his game controller belt and did his hair to match perfectly to the character. It took several globs of gel, pomade and hairspray to make that happen. Needless to say the costume came out perfect.
Shelly as Terra Branford/Final Fantasy
This is something that is way out of her comfort zone, so it made her cosplay much more special. I assisted her with getting the wig perfect to match the character she was being, as well as insisting on doing her make up. The result was pure awesome. I was so excited for her to strut her stuff around the con for all to see and fuss over.
The Cheshire Premiers at AUSA
I of course had to rock my Cheshire Cat around the con.
Con Festivities
Seeing all of the cosplayers tickled me pink. I saw everything from Sailor Moon to Arthur; it was outstanding!
Mike took me to a panel hosted by Charles Dunbar. I found it quite interesting to say the least, and learned a wealth of knowledge about amine and Japanese culture in general.
It was funny, during the panel Charles actually stopped his lecture to say hello to Mike (he is quite the popular person with some).
To learn more about Charles Dunbar visit
We then ventured to the game room. It was sick! The room had to be at least 6000 square feet and chock full of every game you can think of from classic arcade to a games to Japanese cabinet games. My favorite is called Cho Chabudai Gaeshi! (Super Table-Flip!). In a nutshell you play an angry person that slams then flips over a table. The actual controller for this game; a mini freaking table!Check out a video here
The Dealers Room and Artist Alley had aisles upon aisles of awesomeness. The only way to describe  – a flea market for nerds!
If you’re looking for your plushees, manga, pocky, rare collectibles, hentai, geek themed jewelry, a print of Darth Vader and Jesus playing golf, etc.; THEY GOT IT! The Dealers Room is the place to be!
Dinner at Tono Sushi
Not a bad place except for the fact that their service was so slow a corpse could have served us our beverages and food faster. It’s a try at your own risk type of places. Poor Jamie threw his meal up later that evening.
Nap Time at our Hotel
We all went back to the room to chill before going to the rave. After sleeping for about an hour and change I woke up to start getting ready for the premier of Father Fenn and Sister Stephie. Mike and I looked amazing in our outfits. So out we went to return to the con hotel.
The rave was a total bust; it was the equivalent of a school dance with people just standing around staring at the floor with the exception of the handful of people dancing.
We ditched the rave and ventured over to the game room. We played the wonderful Cho Chabudai Gaeshi! (Super Table-Flip!) and Mario World for a bit.
Mike and I decided to go back to 1813 for some libations. AKA Mike nursing one beer all night while I chug down drinks like the classy broad that I am! Of course we received some odd stares from people as we walked in, and at one point were even told we were in the wrong place. Ummmm yeah because a real nun wears slutty makeup, fish net stockings with no panties complimented by a pair of CFMPs (come f**k me pumps). ; )
We closed the place down again leaving me stumbling out the door and off to the streets. Mike and I decided to give the 24 hour McDonald’s a whirl again, S-U-C-C-E-S-S we chowed down on our chicken nuggets and Mike complimented his meal with a cheeseburger.
We all slept in for a bit, packed it up and went over to the con hotel for one last loop around the festivities, and most importantly scour the dealers den for any last minute must haves. After we walked around DC for a few hours so Jamie could take in some of the sights. Then went back to the hotel to retrieve our luggage and the car, then hit the road home.
Summing it up……
Over all it was an amazing weekend with two good friends and an amazing boyfriend. I would definitely attend AUSA again!
For More Information on Anime USA visit
 View some pics from the weekend here:

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