Blitz The Comic Book Guy

I was introduced to this wonderful specimen at Anime USA 2016 (You can read my blog about Anime USA here.); by my boyfriend Mike while visiting his booth in the Dealers Room. Blitz was cosplaying as Dr. Clayton Forrester from MST3K complete with his own Tom Servo! He also hosted a Panel entitled “Awesomely Bad Japanese Music Videos” that was horribly wonderful.

Most importantly he is the creator of, “Conventional Wisdom, What happens at an anime convention doesn’t stay at an anime convention”. Blitz squeeeed in delight that Mike snatched up every issue he had proudly displayed on his table, and noted that Mike single handedly turned a profit for him that weekend.

Blitz’s comic was an “accident” of sorts. When he started attending cons many moons ago, he would keep a journal of the weekend and post them on “before there was Facebook” social media. When attending his first Otakon, he wanted the memory  to be epic and incorporated a few cartoons about the weekend in the journal. When this was noticed people started taking to it, asking to see his work. Shortly after he realized the magnitude of his creation he started flaunting his creation for all to see, and has become a staple for many con goers ever since.

I give his comic the Cookeepuss seal of approval!


Check out Blitz The Comic Book Guy on the following sites:




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