The Adventures of Mike & Stephanie: Rocky Horror Halloween Show Friday, 10/14/16

It was a fun night despite the fact that Jules had to bail out at the last minute due to her fibromyalgia. I felt horrible, because I knew that she was looking forward to coming out with us for weeks.

After redoing my make up roughly three times (I wanted to look perfect), I ventured out to the city to meet up with Mike and Jon. I was so excited to see Mike in his Halloween costume (Dr. Cosmo McKinley from Shock Treatment), and I know he was equally excited to see me in mine (I dressed as a naughty nun).

The night prior I was up until after 1am preparing his costume while watching Shock Treatment for the first time. For you Rocky Horror fans out there I highly recommend this movie. Is it the best no, but it’s like a train wreck that you can’t take your eyes off of. If you like bad singing, acting and have a thing for incest; then this is definitely a movie for you.

I parked in our usual spot at 5th and Market where the boys met me, well scared the shit out of me actually. I did not realize that they were coming into the garage to meet me, and became startled when Mike came down the stairwell. We dumped some stuff in my car then ventured out into the streets of Old City.

We popped into 7-Eleven so Mike could pick up a gift card for Little Miss Roller Hoops (it was her birthday). While there the guy behind the counter actually asked me if I was a real nun. What?!? The last I remembered nuns did not wear slutty make up, fishnet stockings and sexy heels. I found it flattering and hysterical all at the same time, as I knew the guy was obviously flirting with me. The whole situation gave the three of us a hearty chuckle.

On to Happily Ever After we went. I was excited to get a PB and banana smoothie. Mike got his usual cup of dry Captain Crunch and iced Chi Tea, and Jon got what looked like chocolate lava cake. YUM!

Off to the Ritz we went! Mike and I got quite the stairs walking through the city streets in our Halloween costumes.

It was a fun time as usual! Mike’s costume was a hot of course, and he was pulled out of his seat by one of the shadow cast members when they played the trailer for Shock Treatment. The shadow cast opened the show with the dance from Young Frankenstein; it was pretty amazeballs, as that is my favorite scene from the movie. The lines thrown out during the movie were entertaining as usual.


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