The Adventures of Mike and Stephanie: Sunday, 10/9/16

Mike and I had a chill but fun Sunday!

The day started by taking a ride to his sister’s house in Swedesboro, NJ, to have lunch with her and his parents. We ordered from a local pizza place, and the food was quite delightful. Mike of course squeed that they had a chicken cutlet sandwich, which he ordered his “special” way. I however went with a balsamic chicken wrap and curly fries. When the food came Mike’s magical bag of seasoning were pulled from his backpack. The delight look on his face when he sprinkles his Mrs. Dash and South Philly Rub on his food is the most adorable sight ever. You would think the man is sprinkling 14 carat gold on his food. He is a cute hot mess when he enjoys his sandwich; the only comparison I can make is when you see a child eat spaghetti for the first time. It’s like he doesn’t have a care in the world it’s just a boy and his sandwich with magical seasoning sprinkled upon it.

We had some nice conversation with his family during our time there. But of course poor Mike gets teased as usual for his very unusual eating habits. I find that unusual quirk of his quite charming, and is one of the many reasons I fell in love with him. Being the loving girlfriend I am; I always try and diffuse the situation. The week prior Mike spoke to me, and he expressed to me how he felt picked on in a few situations (one in which I was guilty of), which completely broke my heart. I didn’t think he was that sensitive to people commenting on his unique eating habits, but I suppose hearing it constantly over the span of many years will eventually eat at you.

After lunch we ventured out on the road again to Christiana, Delaware. Mike saw this awesome camera that takes 360 degree photos, and he had to have it. We first stopped at Cabela’s since he has never been there, and I absolutely love that store. But most importantly I wanted him to see the variety of seasoning they have and their selection of back packs. Mike is to a backpack as I am to my purse. It is a part of your being, and you would be lost without it on your person. From there we went and mall ratted for a bit, mainly to go to JC Penney’s to see if they sold medical scrubs. He requires these for his Halloween costume this year. We then went to Target to see if they sold the camera there in hopes we wouldn’t have to stop at Best Buy. There I stumbled upon the most amazing lamp ever (pictures to be posted)! It was a white ceramic ram’s head with shiny gold antlers. I had to have it as it reminded me of the Golden Fleece in Jason and the Argonauts (the 1963 release of the movie, which is the best version – period). They did not have the camera, but Mike walked away with Deadpool, on sale for $9.99. This was of course a win, because the man refuses to pay more than $10 for the DVD. Since Delaware is the home of tax-free shopping he saved a penny! Back through the mall we went to go back to the car, Mike with his Deadpool DVD for $9.99, and my sweet ass new lamp on clearance for $15!

Off to Best Buy we went so Mike could score his goal for the day, and get his new camera! He was like a kid on Christmas day getting that toy he had been in sweet anticipation for.

Back to my place in Blackwood, NJ we went.

Mike set up shop in the kitchen, as he had to write an article for The Metro about the Found Footage Festival Show taking place at the end of the month. He is an amazing and talented writer, I am so proud of what he accomplishes with his freelance work.

I on the other hand plopped my butt down in the living room and caught up on some of my shows while chowing down on my leftovers from lunch.

It was time to get up and get ready to go out again, as this was a very exciting night! This was my debut as Cookeepuss for a storytelling event that Mike assists in setting up. I was beyond excited to share one of my many stories in front of an audience. Mike was proud of me and told me I was awesome. That made me feel so amazing. To be able to have someone in your life to share everything and anything with is beyond words.

What a delightful day this was to say the least. It is beyond any comprehension of amazing how wonderful it is to be with someone that you can do everything and anything with!


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