I told Mike a secret…

Mike recently came back from his drive across the US and work retreat in San Diego. We missed each other profusely. The feeling was a bit foreign to both of us as neither one of us have felt feelings like this for the opposite sex before.

As I’m driving to the airport I had this cheesy smile and tingling sensation all through my body. As Im driving up I see him standing there waiting for me. His arms full with his bags and fiddling around on his phone. When he saw me he had a look on his face that I never seen before. I flung my door open, ran around the car and threw my arms around him. He kissed me and kept telling me how happy he is to see me.

We both could not stop smiling on the ride back to my apartment. I was so happy that he was finally home with me.

After we got settled we went and laid in bed. I couldn’t wait to feel him next to me again touching me, kissing me. As we are having our usual pillow talk I told him that I had a secret……

I told him that he is the boy I am going to marry. His response (totally unexpected); you’re the girl I’m going to marry.

What a wonderful thought to have in my mind. The perfect boyfriend will become the perfect husband in the near a distant future.

Side Notes: I haven’t though about marriage in a very long time. In fact it is something I became utterly bitter about due to my past relationships and experiences. Mike has opened my eyes to everything. I never thought it was possible to love someone as much as I love him. I feel so attached to him like he is an extension of me. It’s amazing and wonderful, and feel so lucky and blessed to have found him. He is my everything.


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