The Adventures of Mike & Stephanie: Friday, 9/9/16

I was excited for tonight as this was my first Rocky Horror Experience with Mike & Jon! Back in the day I used to go almost every Friday night at the old Horowin (sp) Theater on Kings Highway in Audubon, NJ.

After work I headed over to Mike’s place to relax for a bit and get ready. Jon popped by around 8:30ish to pick us up. We stared off at 2nd Street Brewing Company for dinner. Their food is fantastic! I had a Pulled Pork Sammie with Sweet Potato Fries, Mike had a French Dip and Jon selected the Mini Sliders. Mike of course found something wrong with his sandwich; they grilled the roll and he could not for the life of him understand why someone would grill a roll. Charming to say the least. I adore his little tirades about food, I find his fussiness adorable.  To be honest I found my roll a little nasty as well; it was soggy from the bbq sauce. We chatted about a variety of subjects from WWE, movies and Jon’s job. He is a Sous Chef at a retirement community (I think it is a retirement community). What I find fascinating about his talents in the kitchen is the fact that he is self taught! He shared pictures of some of his recent plate ups, and they are phenomenal. Being in the hospitality industry; I can appreciate what he does! We wrapped up at 2nd Story, and was flattered that Jon treated Mike and I to dinner. That was so thoughtful and sweet of him!

Off we went to Happily Ever After.

From their website description: “Offering 8 different flavors of 100% Organic Frozen Yogurt (Original Tart, Green Tea, Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Vanilla, Mango, Strawberry, Nutella), as well as excellent local organic fair trade coffee (One Village Coffee), Smoothies, Bubble Tea, Fresh Baked Goods, Belgian Waffles, and Korean Style Shaved Ice, Happily Ever After is the place to go for all your dessert cravings. We also have wifi for our customers to use while they enjoy their delicious treats.”

The décor in this little café is fantastic! The walls are lined with movie memorabilia, and there are cool little chotchkies strewn throughout the counters and tables. If you’re wandering around Old City I recommend that you stop in to take in the scenery and enjoy a delightful treat.

I myself had to have the Peanut Butter Smoothie, Jon order a Strawberry Banana Smoothing, and Mike had a cup of Captain Crunch and an Iced Chai Tea. To add to my darlings never ending list of food oddities; he does not eat ice cream, well in this case fro-yo. Yup, does not eat ice cream. I did state that Mike does not eat ice cream, right?!? Still I love the guy to pieces! We wrapped it up so we can start walking to our next destination.

We stopped at a 7-Eleven; I can’t remember why. In any case it was a hoot. The plethora of weird beings you encounter walking through Philadelphia at night is beyond wonderful. As we stood in line there was a guy in front of Mike that smelled of pure piss and hoagie pits, and in front of him a black; ooops I’m sorry African-American gentleman (Sorry I do not want to twist the balls and cunt hairs of all those “PC” peeps out there) that was arguing with the guy behind the counter about being carded for his “tobacco” purchase.

Back to the mean streets again to walk down to the Bourse for Rocky Horror!

The show kicked off with a tribute to Gene Wilder; the shadow cast performed “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Then it was time for Rocky Horror to begin. I had forgotten how fun it was to hear people obnoxiously screaming at the screen. I had such a fantastic time; Mike and Jon far surpass any kind of obnoxiousness that I have ever experienced.

As we were walking back to the car Jon had asked if we wanted waffles. Hell yeah we wanted waffles! Jon swung by and picked Shelly up, and off to Elkton, Maryland we went to indulge in some delectable Waffle House! Of course Jon and Shelly were the only two that got waffles. I was hankering a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich with a side of smothered hash browns, and Mike ordered a grilled chicken sandwich. With full tummies we got back to the car to drive home. We were all beat, and I actually dozed off on the drive home. Jon and Shelly dropped us off at Mike’s so we could get my car and head back to my place.

Mike and I completely crashed, and literally bummed around the house in and out of consciousness all day!

Side Note to the story: I felt bad, because I was a little annoyed at Mike when we were talking to people after the show. He went to introduce me to someone, and forgot my name. How the hell did he forget my name?!? I tried to hide the fact that I was upset, and really didn’t want him to sit in the back with me when we picked Shelly up. Eventually after I kept pushing his hand away from me every time he tried to hold it or touch me I gave into that pile of cuteness. How could I ever stay upset with him? Do I get him sometimes? Nope, but he is who he is and I accept him for all that he is; all his perfections and imperfections are mine to love and cherish forever.


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