The Adventures of Mike & Stephanie: Labor Day Weekend 2016

What a fabulous “mini” vacation I had with Mike!

Friday, 9/2/16

The Campground followed by The Republican Club followed by Denny’s –

During the day as Mike worked from the office aka my kitchen as I cleaned my apartment. What a boring way to start the day to say the least, but I just love that he and I can be in any scenario and enjoy each others company.

Later on we headed over to the campground to have diner with my parents. We dined on hotdogs on potato rolls, yum! We chilled on the dock and chatted it up for a bit, as I got eaten alive by mosquitos. I refused to use bug spray, because I didn’t want to reek the rest of the night, as Mike and I were headed to South Philly to see Rachel’s show “Comedy for Gentlemen”.

On to South Philly we went in anticipation to have some laughs and see some boobies! Rachel’s show was at a little strip club called The Republican on Passyunk Ave. Her show was awesome (as usual), however the strippers after the show were less than stellar. I was disappointed, because I was hoping to gawk at hot strippers with Mike (that would have been a hoot given that he would have probably blushed and stumbled over his words). They were the B List strippers that you would probably see on a Tuesday afternoon at Club Risqué (not that I would know anything about that).

We decided to leave and see what Jon was up to. This lead to a late night dinner at Denny’s in lovely Delco. The interesting people that frequent a Denny’s after midnight on a Friday is astounding. It kind of felt like the scene in animal house when they walk into the “bar”. The three of us chowed down on some food and had some good conversation. I always have such a delightful time when we hang out with Jon.

Saturday, 9/3/16

Halloween at the Campground

Mike and I bummed around my apartment for a bit (we were tired from being out late, and having a late night heated make out session), then headed over to the campground for Halloween. It was a fun night! I rocked my Cheshire Cat costume and Mike wore his fox ears and tail.

We walked around the campground with the family so my 3 year old niece could trick or treat. Other than that there was nothing stellar that occurred this evening.

Sunday, 9/4/16

West End Boat Club & Nikki’s

The Fenn’s

We ventured out to his parent’s house; we were going to the Boat Club with them for their Labor Day cookout.

I was excited to go to his parent’s house to see where Mike grew up. The house definitely suited his mom’s personality, very classic “momish” décor equipped  with floral garland up the banister and family photos displayed proudly on every available table in the living room, as well as the classic Thomas Kinkade painting with candelabras on either side.
His mom was so excited to give me the grand tour which included the “wedding room”. His sister Chrissy is getting married in October, and this has been his mother’s obsession for a little over a year now.
I was also introduced to Ed the parakeet.
Next it was his dad’s turn to show off his man cave. What an adorable little area he has in the basement.The man cave is equipped with a sofa, tv, and a recliner that is convieniently located next to a mini fridge that can be easily accessed by simply swiveling around in the reliner. The man literally does not have to get up to grab a beer, very smart placement! He proudly pointed out all of his little collectibles from his magnets, to his framed autographed baseball cards of the 2009 Phillie’s Ball Girls, and my personal favorite – a lamp made of popsicle sticks!

Chrissy’s House

Since his sister Chrissy was unable to join us at the boat club, we drove over to her house so we can be formally introduced. I absolutely love her; as we share similar interests in tv shows, both love animals, etc etc.

The 25 cent tour of Tinicum

On our way to the boat club Mike toured me around the area, and even stopped to show off the Tinicum Swim Club that is located directly across from the sewage plant. Such beautiful scenery to take in while your trying to relax under the sun.

West End Boat Club

This place was amazing; I really enjoyed the afternoon there! We sat on the outdoor patio over looking the river. The view was tranquil, and I liked that you could see all the planes taking off and landing from the airport. It made me think of my dad who loves airplanes.
We yacked it up while chowing down on burgers and dogs, and threw back some beers. Well Mike’s dad and I were throwing back beers. I absolutely adore his dad, and know he and I are going to have a close relationship.

In speaking with Mike’s mom today; she invited me to Chrissy’s Bridal Shower; I happily accepted her invitation. I feel so welcomed and loved by his family already!

Nikki’s Gene Wilder Tribute Party

Sunday night Mike, Jon and I went over to their friend Nikki’s to watch Blazing Saddles and Willy Wonka. Nikki is one of the sweetest people that I have ever encountered, plus she’s a paisano! She is such a friendly and welcoming person; I really enjoyed the time we spent there. Her and I have a lot in common and immediately hit it off; which I know makes Mike incredibly happy. To know that he and I fit into every aspect of each other’s lives perfectly is a dream come true.

The next day I received a friend request from Nikki on Facebook; how nice I though to myself. I sent her a message thanking her for being such a lovely hostess. I was taken aback by her reply:
“I’m so glad you guys could make it. It was a pleasure meeting you – you were all of the great things Mike talked about and more!! Look forward to seeing you at the next event!”
What a beautiful messge to receive from someone. I shared it with Mike as well. What wonderful things and people he is bringing into my life.

Monday, 9/5/16

Auburn Road Winery with The Fenn’s

What a lovely day for wine and good company!

Mike and I met up with his family at the winery for a lovely afternoon of wine tasting, conversation and food.

I was also introduced to Rob (Melanie’s husband) today. What a sweet guy; very outgoing and friendly! Rob is also a golf instructor, and agreed to assist me in stepping up my game.

I loved sitting around a table and talking with his family; this is something I very much enjoy doing with my family. (I always wanted a boyfriend that had a family similar to mine.)

AND Melanie and Chrissy invited me to the bachelorette party; awesome right?!?

After the winery Mike and I went back to my place, drank wine and watched Kung Pow Enter the Fist. This movie was so funny I almost busted a gut and peed my pants.

Tuesday, 9/6/16

Back to the office aka my kitchen for Mike (just a reminder he works from home), and my last day of vacation.

I had to roll my ass out of bed to do laundry after which I laid around like a slug for the latter part of the day and drank wine. Later on decided to watch The Outsiders. If you have never seen this mover I highly suggest you give it a go. Especially if you are female and had a crush on the 80’s/90’s hotties such as Swayze, Lowe and Macchio.

After Mike finished a long, hard day at the office aka my kitchen, we took one of our usual field trips to Walmart, and had dinner at the Stardford Diner.

In conclusion….

Many of you reading this may think our activities are somewhat boring at times, but the point is when you’re in love with someone it doesn’t matter what you do. What matters is the time you spend together and how you enjoy everything and anything together no matter what. I only hope that some of you out there are as lucky as I am to find a wonderful human being like Mike to be by your side.

Pictures from the weekend will be posted in a separate blog for your viewing pleasure.


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