the text 

I received the most lovely text from my ex this week ……

“I hate you so much for giving me this lonely life”

I felt upset, disgust and shock all at the same time. Why I cried I have no idea. I guess all of the feelings of what I mustered through for 16 years came flowing through me. Was there happiness at certain points of the relationship, yes. However I remember more of the bad than the good. There are not enough happy moments to ever outweigh the negative side of that relationship. 

Resentment, disgust, sadness….there are so many combinations of feelings I could use to describe the dynamic of he and I, but I will save those stories for a rainy day. 

The balls it took him to text me that just burns my ass to no end. If he wasn’t such  a selfish mental abusing asshole maybe he wouldn’t be alone. 


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