The Adventures of Mike & Stephanie: Sunday, 8/28/16

I had such a wonderful day with Mike!

We ventured into the city to the Philly Zine Fest on UPENN’s campus; which was pretty cool given that I had no idea what a zine was prior to meeting Mike. The room was crowded and hot, but seeing the enthusiasm of all of the individuals showing pride for their hard work was well worth it. I even befriended a guy that writes zines specifically about wrestling, how cool is that? I bought various zines to check out, but also to wanted some inspiration. Mike and I were chatting about creating a zine together. What a fun couple’s project that will be. I also purchased a Mr. T pin and two handmade magnets; one with Bulbasaur and the other with Rainbow Brite.

Following the Zine Fest we walked up to Saxby’s so Mike could cool off with an iced black tea. I never saw a man consume so much iced tea in all of my life. I swear if this guy took a blood test they would extract iced tea, half and half, bacon grease and chicken fries (that’s just a few on many they would find) instead of actual blood.

We journeyed back to the car holding hands enjoying a pleasant conversation; from there we took a drive over to FYE. There we will comb through the remains of the store before they closed for good. To our surprise there were big yellow signs on their window saying “closed”. I was disappointed for the mere fact that  I enjoy seeing Mike scour through all the DVDs in search of what to add to his 1,200+ DVD collection.

Our next adventure was to wander aimlessly on South Street. I think we were dizzy from driving in circles trying to find street parking. We wound up parking in a garage on a side street, that we couldn’t find our way out of; kind of the perfect setting to get mugged and murdered in.

The first stop was The Wooden Shoe. Mike was excited to show me this particular bookstore, as they have a wonderful variety of zines. I found two that tickled my fancy; one was “Comet Bus” that included story about Green Day, and the second (sorry I forget the title) has various sci-fi tales. Among the tables we found some interesting book titles such as “Cunt”, children’s books such as “A is for Activist” (the little African-American fist on the cover cracked me up), “Counting on Community” (another ethnic-based story), a book on belches and farts, and last but no least my personal favorite “Sometimes the Spoon Runs Away with Another Spoon”. Please do not think I am poking fun at that title; I found it genius that someone created such a unique way to teach a child about homosexuality. The ethnic-based books however; I am indeed poking fun at. Yes; let’s teach a small child how to be an activist, maybe re-create  the whole MOVE travesty that burned down a whole block of Osage Avenue back in the day.

Next stop Philly Aids Thrift Shop!

I find it exhilarating to go “thrifting” with Mike. We tend to find the most amazing hidden gems. We didn’t hit our usual jackpot, however we found more DVDs for his ever growing collection, a llama chotchkie and a unique painting of a sea turtle for moi. I also saw an amazing movie poster of “Road House”, and a curtain with a cat in a taco flying through outer space. It was breath taking.

Onto Professor Ouch’s Bizarre Bazaar & Odditorium we go.

All of the times I spent wandering aimlessly around South Street; I have never stopped in here. I was actually a bit disappointed in myself for that. What an “odd” little place to say the least. Everything from wrestling paraphernalia to a taxidermy albino otter, oh and let’s not forget the creepy baby fetuses in a jar. Who doesn’t want a creepy baby fetus in a jar? If I had one I would use it as a centerpiece on my dining room table. Why? Because, why not? Mike actually made a joke that we could tell people that one of us wanted to have kids and the other didn’t, so this was our compromise. I adore that twisted little mind of his.

Mike’s favorite place was next, good old cex.

In he goes like a kid in a candy store strategically going through the walls of DVDs in search of adding on to his already massive collection. I always wonder in my head how long it would take for he and I to watch every DVD that he owned. We have a  running joke that every time, and I mean every time he goes in there or anywhere for DVDs he checks the price of Deadpool. The man refuses to pay more than $5 for it used or new. The odds are obviously not in his favor, as it was still $12. Deadpool price – 5,  Mike – 0

Our final stop of the night was L’Etage!

They were hosting a burlesque tribute to Wes Anderson. Not being too familiar with his works outside of Rushmore and Royal Tannenbaums, which I vaguely remember; I was intrigued not only of how a story would be put together, but obviously  the “sexiness” of the performance itself. I am always fascinated when I go to shows with Mike. He is to this industry as I am to hospitality. People flock to him like a magnet. In this instance his friend Alex (who put on this show) was ecstatic and appreciative of the amazing article Mike wrote up for The Metro helping to promote the show. I was taken aback by how many people would come out late on a Sunday night to see the show. I must say I was pretty impressed, and no not just for the beautiful breasts that were displayed that evening. The boobs part of it was pretty awesome though.

I am forever grateful to have such an amazing man in my life to have wonderful days like this with. If anyone reading this is currently in a “stale” relationship I encourage you, please get up and do something together! It’s all of the little things like this that matter in your relationship.

Here are some pictures to share!



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