why do I feel so threatened by you?

I don’t even know you and I obsess over you; why?

I know that I am better than you in every way possible, even as it pertains to “it”.

I’ve provided everything that you couldn’t. You just seem like a selfish asshole that cares about no one but oneself. Useless in every way possible.

I don’t know why I feel the way I do; it’s human nature to dislike you I suppose. To know you’re still apart of “it” somewhat makes me want to throw up in my mouth.

You are no competition to me, and yet I still feel the way I do. Maybe because I’m afraid that you may somehow take “it” away from me. Although “it” would be a fool to give up everything one has always wanted to go back in the past.

I just can’t understand why the involvement with “it”. It’s kind of pointless don’t you think?

Eventually the entire situation will eat at me as it is in my nature to let things like this fester until the situation comes to a head.




One thought on “why do I feel so threatened by you?

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  1. Much of it is just the competitive instinct we’re born with. Look at TMZ, look at the media. We’re obsessed with others and often find find it overwhelming to try to compete against others, even if we’re not entirely sure why. Sometimes we obsess over good reason, other times it’s just kind of… well, impulsive.

    It can be emotional candy. It’s terrible for you, but damn if you don’t love a Reese’s cup.

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