A Love Letter to Mike….

My life took a beautiful U-turn since the day I met you. Our first glace, our first sight, that first hug birthed the miracle of our love. Your presence in my life has added colors to it, and gave my life a better meaning. It was meant for us to meet at this point in both our lives, as I know you are my soul mate. I thank whatever greater power exists every day for bringing you into my life. Everything happens for a reason, and fate always has it’s way of finding you.

Each day that I spend with you becomes a special day in my life. The time we spend together are the most beautiful times for me (no matter what we do together), and I cherish every moment of them. Whenever you are not around I miss you dearly and feel like a lost puppy, as you are an important extension of my life now. I promise to always be by your side and to love you for eternity. You mean the world to me, and without you my life has no meaning as you help define the person that I am with our complimenting personalities. (I have found the one person in existence that shares my many characteristics. Even your little flaws and quirks are perfect in my eyes.)

The love you and I have for each other grows stronger with each passing moment. I look forward to OUR future together as life with you can only get more amazing with each passing day.

You, Michael are my partner in crime, my new found best friend, my love at first sight, my one and only, my future and my soul mate.


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