plaid douche brewery

you’re descheveled and old

there is a vision to revitalize you

make you worth something again

million dollar homes are popping up here and there

scattered around empty little plots of land filled with trash

the plaid wearing mustache brigade will be moving in on you shortly

soon there will be coffe shops that sell vegan friendly treats

barley juice stands

shops in which to buy douche bag accessories

yes indeed the paid shirt mafia will be coming to get all of you shortly


dented white van man

written while people watching at a local donut selling establishment

dear creepy dude that picked sitting near all of the underage school girls rather then the side of dunkin that was empty

you are a vile excuse of a man

i can see what you are doing

peering over your cell phone at these poor defenseless girls

you nonchalantly step out for a call

perhaps to your mechanic to see what time your dented white rape van will be finished at the shop

i think you know i am on to you

because you sit on the side of dunkin i am camped out at when you come back in

perhaps you are creeping on me now

you skeeve me mr. stale cigarette smelling, camo hoodie wearing perv

Note: Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

“God is Gracious”

a truly fitting meaning to your name

chosen wisely by the beautiful couple that brought you into this world

your smile lights up the world

you brought joy into all of our lives

you are something that brings us all together, connects all of us on a different level

you bring such happiness to all of us

the kind no one knew existed until you were brought into this world that has turned cold

you are the future that can make a difference in this chaotic flipped upside down world


i regret not going to your funeral

crying for you

mourning you

i was a selfish teenager

wrapped up in the drama of a boyfriend

i never meant to disrespect you

nor do i want you to think i do not miss you

i think about you quite often

the memories from my childhood

the laughter

your homemade pizza

the cloud of smoke from kools surrounding you

playing 500 rummy and doing word finds

i’m only left with the regret of not spending enough time with you


it is only a matter of time before the pot boils over

the filled circle haunts me every day

who? what? why? do I feel I need to know everything?

i never will

always left with my mind wandering

what was it that captured the senses today

who knows

do i have better things to pollute my mind with?


instead left to have my thoughts wander into the unknown

my past has raped my mind rendering me helpless

how long before i see something different

how long before i gain acceptance

how long before i let my mind go in another direction

time will tell


jealously is a bitch
like a drug being injected into your veins
it turns you into a different person
you become filled with sadness even sometimes rage
it makes you a cold hearted snake
sometimes there is no coming back from that in which you feel about something, someone
jealously is a bitch


i admire you brave soul
knowing what you want
where your place is
perhaps you may still be slightly discombobulated


you will get to where you need to be
become the real you
in the end it doesn’t matter
you are an amazing person that has left a deep mark in this world
people will remember you and admire you whether you are he, she, it, we, they ……
nothing makes sense in this world
what matters is what makes sense to you and you alone
labels, pronouns, signs
they are all insignificant
we all have uniqueness that makes us a shining star


for the love of christ please stop fawning over them

i don’t understand

why do you all feel they are so special?

they are not

is it their perfect faces, hair, bodies

this should not matter

they drag on and on about the same useless bullshit

and you all hang on like it’s the greatest thing ever

unknowingly you cause tension by doing this

i hope i am never hanging off the edge of a cliff about to plummet to my death with one of them

i for sure would not be the hand that one of you grabs

perhaps you would try to be a hero and save us both

in the end if we were both slipping i would be released so that they could be saved

purple people eater

written while people watching at a local Dunkin Donuts

you should be ashamed that you left the house looking that way

open toe scruffy slippers

a purple skirt with a pattern that nightmares are made of

a cruddy old t-shirt with an unflattering jacket on top

your hair frizzy with kinky curls

you stand in line picking a wedgie out of your front parts thinking no one can see you

do you not have any standards, any self respect

please for the love of god wash your hands before placing it inside of the bag to pull your donut out

i can’t imagine that the smell of your lady parts would enhance your donut enjoying experience

Note: Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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